Health Sciences Authority
Project Description

I was sourced & contracted to design & manage the total revamp of the office of this government board!

The original layout of this 30,000 square feet office was extremely convoluted & claustrophobic! The 1st few times I visited the office, I literally felt like a mouse in a maze! Overly high office system partitions not only cut out natural lighting everywhere, it totally cut out any contacts between staffs too! The original front counter was nothing more than a couple of tables lined up along a corridor! The office was practically screaming out for a revamp!

We totally reconfigured the layouts by separating the public reception and meeting areas to its own One-Stop Centre while keeping all other working staffs to their own separate office wings. All system partitions were replaced with brighter pieces that are no more than 1200mm high. A central staff pantry was also created with a comfortable staff lounge complete with flat-screen TV and Nintendo Wii sets! This allows more interaction between staffs from all departments and ultimately promoted a healthier work environment for all.

This super-challenging job was churned out in a record time of 8 weeks!!! And this was with all departments still in full operation throughout the renovation process! Frankly, I still can't believe we managed to pull it off!

Project Details

Type: Office Space

Venue: 11 Outram Road