Baek Doo San
Korean Restaurant
Project Description

The client sought me out to design & renovate this Korean BBQ Restaurant. Having had his penthouse also designed & renovated by me not so long ago, he had no problem entrusting me with the job.

Coincidentally, I had just returned from an extremely enjoyable winter vacation in Korea just a few months prior! So with fond memories of a wintry Korea still fresh and vivid in my mind, I set forth to design this restaurant based on farmhouses that I've my vacation in Korea!

Right from the very beginning, we were adamant in keeping the design more traditional than modern. It was also a priority for the design to be unique and easily distinguishable from Japanese restaurants. Ultimately, I wanted to capture and inject in the design, the essence of the Korean countryside.

Project Details

Type: Shopping Mall Dining Area

Venue: 1 Jurong West Central 2 Jurong Point Shopping Centre