The Ansley
Project Description

This apartment was one of my earlier works but it remains one of my favourites. When people ask me what kind of design I would like for my own home, more often than not, I'll refer them to this apartment.

Early on in my interior designing career, I had designed another apartment for the client and when he sold that apartment, he approached me to take on the design & renovation of this apartment. It needed a lot of work as the previous homeowner had built in bulky carpentry all over the place and they were looking very dated. Also, the layout was not working very well for my client’s needs.

I wasted no time stripping it of all that unnecessary baggage and give it a clean & streamlined look that immediately opened up all that hidden sense of space! Not having too much heavy carpentry built-in ensures that the focus is placed on the breath-taking skyline view. Art pieces from the client's own collection warms up the space and prevent it from looking too cold. They complete the space and lend the apartment plenty of personality.

Project Details

Type: 3 Bedroom Condominium Apartment

Venue: 33 Mandalay Road The Ansley